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Operating models

In order to succeed with a strategic transformation, the understanding of the present and target operating models are fundamental. Based on our experience from many Programmes we have seen a lot of different approaches, both successful and less so. A strategic change not taking this into account are bound for trouble.

We provide reviews of operating models before, during and after the transformation journeys where we can provide additional services based on the outcome of the review.

Business Architecture

If a programme or project setup aims to solve “How we do things right”, business architecture is all about aiming to solve “Are we doing the right things”. What kind of capabilities, processes, roles/organization, skills, information and solutions to you need to have in order to successfully strategic objectives?


The management of the change initiative portfolio (project portfolio) is a key strategic capability. We provide review services based on your existing practises compared to best practices and to how the portfolio actually works. We look into knowledge, processes, performance, measurements, prioritisation and other parts after coordination with the client.


Programmes are by definition complex. They aim to facilitate strategic transformations. This means that they often are very important to the organisation. Hence they should be and often are scrutinised on regular basis.

We provide programme review services where we investigate all aspect of the programme and advise on possible actions to mitigate common threats as well as specific obstacles.

We base our reviews on several different best practises as well as our clients specific models.


When a key project is heading in harms way it is better to take action early than when things are going bad. But what are the right actions to take?

We provide project reviews that clearly point out weaknesses with the project and propose actions and alternatives. Based on this we can provide additional services such as coaching, mentoring, advisory services and, in exceptional cases, temporary project managers.

Change models

A Change model consists of several different layers. The strategical layers such as Portfolio Management & Programme Management, the tactical layer such as Project Management and the operative layers such as Development Management and Work Management. Today, when agile concepts are being introduced or exist in almost all organisations, change models tend to get even more complex than they were before the introduction of agile. The complexity management and coordination is moved from project level to portfolio level.

We provide reviews of the entire change model with clear reports on finding and corresponding recommendations in order to continuously improve the model.

Business model

Business models are an effective way of visually show how an organization delivers its value proposition to their customers. It’s also an effective tool to use when you need to do changes internally. How do the change affect the way we deliver our value propositions? This is just one of many questions that a business model can support in answering if used right.