Management Services

BD innovationSteering Committee representation

One of the most demanding part of a senior managers or directors job is to be part of all the steering committees for initiatives owned. Being part of a SC is in many aspects the same job as being a member of the Board of Directors of a company. Preparations for the meetings as well as the meetings can be very time consuming.

When time just isn’t enough we can provide highly experienced persons that can take on representation in the SC. Instead of spending numerous hours in preparations and in meetings, a short preparation meeting and a short follow up meeting between the initiative owner and our consultant, where the digested information will be presented, means that valuable time may be freed up while at the same time excellent control is kept.

Normally our consultants can take on several such assignments in a portfolio of programmes or projects.

Business Architecture

Business architecture is the way to ensure your organization has a common understanding of the organization and is used to align strategic objectives and tactical demands. Do you have all internal capabilities to successfully execute? It’s through business architecture, business- and operating- models that we can ensure the alignment between strategy and execution.

Interim Portfolio & Programme Management

After a review or for other reasons it might be so that a Programme Manager or a Portfolio Manager needs to be replaced or retrained. It is not common but it does happen. In those cases, we can support our customers with a temporary manager while a permanent replacement is found or the retraining is ongoing. We can also support our customers with the recruitment of  permanent replacements.

Before our Programme & Portfolio Managers qualify for assignments such as these they have several successful programmes behind them and use our unique methods to get up to speed.

Portfolio Management

Business Dynamics can provide Portfolio Management competences as well as Portfolio Managers at all levels. They bring with them the knowledge and practice framework in our company and have ample experience utilising their skills in Portfolio Management.

We can act as Portfolio Managers, Portfolio Staff or advisors.

Programme Management

One of the core competences in Business Dynamics is Programme Management. Since Programmes are the preferred vessel for delivering Strategic Transformations we can support our clients with every aspect of the management of such changes.

Our Programme Managers typically have more than 15 years of experience from managing programmes with other experiences such as project management and line management as well.

Advanced Project Management

In larger organisations major tactical changes might be very big. When running complex projects, often with both more static methods and agile methods at the same time, the complexity of coordinating deliveries into a whole can be very taxing.

Our Senior Project Managers have proven them selves in the most demanding situations and are used to manage complex projects in complex organisations.

Business Modeling

Working with business models are an effective way of transforming an organization. When working with disruptive innovation, modelling your business is a good way to ensure that the business model actually will work. How do your business model need to look like in order for your company to deliver your value propositions to your customers? We have the knowledge and skills to support your company in ensuring the best business model.