BD architecture1

Values – We are a value driven company. We build the company that we want to work for. Everyone within the company needs to contribute in building the culture and values for our company. We expect nothing less.

Competence – Our company lives and breathes knowledge, competence and skills. In order to provide the best value to our customers, we are dependent on that our individuals in the company continuously evolve. If they don’t, the company will not either. We expect that all individuals invest in their competence over time and are thrilled to learn and share this knowledge.

Honesty – To others and oneself. Loyalty, integrity, openness and candor are the basis for honesty within our company and towards our customers.

Trust – We need to empower our individuals and teams to be able to make decisions as close as possible to point where they are needed. Trust also implies that individuals within our organization trust each other in order to be honest and sharing ideas and information.

Change – All individuals in our company needs to love change. Our company lives on the changes necessary for our customer but we also need to be able to change swiftly ourselves. This means that everyone needs to have an open mind and a positive attitude towards change. It also implies that we have agile structures that easily can be changed.

Fun – It needs to be fun being a part of our company and also the teams, feeling proud about the accomplishments and your own part of that. In order to sustain endurance and satisfaction in our work and our assignments we believe that our individuals need to find a good balance between work and family.

Collaboration – We work in teams, this means that we need to create team spirit, friendship and fairness as part of the collaborative work we do. It also means instinctive willingness to support the common effort in order to be delivering success to our customers.

Entrepreneurship – We believe that in order to be successful and learn all individuals need to be able to think differently and be able to do trial and error, without anyone else judging or penalizing. We need to support entrepreneurship and people with ideas. As part of being entrepreneurs we also embrace change.

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